At Thompson Price, our sign doesn’t say, "extremely large and expensive projects only.” Regardless of the size or scope of the project, our job is GUIDE you through the process, to make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

We are your remodeling coaches.  

Here’s the thing… you’re not stuck by yourself trying to figure out all the details and options. Questioning each decision and wondering if you're making the right one. 

So, whether you already have something in mind for your bath and kitchen remodel or if you want to come to us for design or ideas, you deserve — and will get — our full attention. That’s our secret!

The benefits of working with us:

  • We listen to you.
    Then, we take on an active role in educating our clients as to the best design and products based on the answers YOU give us. No cookie cutter plans. We want to hear about your family, home and lifestyle for your bathroom and kitchen remodel.
  • Order ahead of time.
    We actually order all material and supplies BEFORE work even begins. That means you won’t be waiting on things to come in!
  • Appointments scheduled in advance.
    Every time we wrap up an appointment or one phase of work, we put the next one on the books because we don’t like delays. 
  • Our team-oriented attitude.
    We partner with our clients to achieve the best results. Just like a symphony is comprised of many different people performing many different roles, a remodeling project requires coordination and efforts of several different individuals to bring together the final result in an organized, timely and accurate manner. 
  • Nearly 40 years of jobs well done.
    Don’t take our word for it. Read testimonials here!  

Call 314-966-8234 now for a free consultation for your design or even a brainstorming session. Or you can schedule it online

Because you only have one chance to do it right. 

When we’re finished, you’ll have an amazing and beautiful space kitchen or bathroom to enjoy. In 8 weeks, your life could look very different, as you are hosting your friends or family for a delicious dinner…. as we say, “everything tastes better in a Thompson Price kitchen.” 

You will have:

1. more space,

2. more functionality,

3. and a style that truly reflects your personality.

And by working with Thompson Price, you will alleviate your stress and you will be able to celebrate accomplishing one of your dreams.  


Let's see what designs or ideas we can come up with together.