Requesting Counter Top Pricing

Replacing your kitchen or bathroom counter tops can be a great upgrade to your home and should be an easy task.  Thompson Price has a simple process to getting a quote for your new counter tops.  Here are 3 steps to getting a beautiful new counter top:  

STEP 1 - Measure Your Existing Counter Tops

Download Thompson Price's Counter Top Replacement Worksheet to the right.  You'll need to measure the overall length of each leg or area at the back wall - not at the front edges.  Place 'X's' on your drawing to denote any edges that will require finished or polished ends or special edge treatments.  Note on your drawing where your back splash will be.  Will you be going with a 4" back-splash out of the same material, taking the counter top material straight up the back wall to the bottom of your wall cabinets or going with some type of tile pattern on the backsplash?

STEP 2 - Determine Which Product is Best for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Visit our counter tops page to find out about the most popular materials for kitchen and bath counter tops.  We spell out the differences between each surface to help you determine the best product for your project.  

STEP 3 - Submit Your Counter Top Worksheet

Visit our quote requests page to submit your worksheet and that's it!  Thompson Price will be in touch with a quote for your new counter top as quickly as possible.  



Example Counter Top Worksheet