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What We Can Learn from Hotel Bathrooms

They’re sleek, functional and they make you want to never leave.  Yes, we are talking about hotel bathrooms and how the nicer hotels know how to lay on the charm, in a very intelligent way.  We’ve always said, “The smaller the room, the more important the design becomes”.  Think about it, every inch counts in a small space.  Efficiencies and storage become very important requirements and that is why we say we can learn a great deal from hotel bathrooms when we start thinking about renovating bathrooms in our own home.


No matter what your style preference is, most can agree that the modern styles of newer hotels make beautiful spaces.  Take a look at the furniture in one of these beautiful rooms.  Everything from the desk and chairs to the floating vanity feature clean lines and touches of modern elegance.  (Note the wood veneer on the refrigerator/bar area)  


The floating vanity isn’t just for show; it also allows those with disabilities to utilize the vanity area of any room without a need to design ADA specific rooms.  This is a growing trend not only in hotels and commercial spaces but also in residential applications due to the increasing age of the population and the trend for people to stay in their homes longer.  In fact, there is a growing amount of ranch-style homes or curbless shower enclosures which feature shower bases that allow the bather to roll right in.  


Sometimes when we’re designing kitchens and bathrooms, we have a tendency to over-complicate things.  In hotel bathrooms, simplicity is key.  Many new hotel bathrooms feature one single light switch for the bathroom area.  This single switch turns on all the light fixtures at the same time.  The wall light at the vanity, the shower light and the room light (if applicable) are all wired together.  Not only does this save the electrician a good amount of wiring time, but it also saves on switches and wall space.


Speaking of the fan, have you ever noticed how quiet most hotel bathroom vent fans are?  This is often due to hotels dedicating ventilation systems to ventilate all of the bathrooms at the same time.  Running all vents together reduces costs by eliminating point of use fans at each bathroom.  This same trend is growing in our homes with growing concerns of energy-efficient homes running the risk of indoor air pollution with radon, chemicals and volatile organic compounds.  A house-wide dedicated ventilation system will help to get those harmful items out.  

Lack of Tubs.

For years, we have advised clients to ditch their tubs in favor of larger showers for years. The trend for hotel bathrooms to eliminate the tub in favor of a walk-in shower is just further proof that we’ve been right all along.  Our busy lifestyles have really made it difficult to relax and most people don’t have the time to fill up a tub and then sit in it for 20 or 30 minutes.  Getting rid of bathtubs allows us to create a larger shower enclosure with all the bells and whistles to better fit our in and out lifestyles.  

Desire to Return.

We hear it often.  Customers come in and want to design the bathroom in their home to reflect a bathroom in a hotel they have recently stayed in.  That’s how Thompson Price designs our projects.  We want the homeowner to have a bathroom they can’t wait to return home to and enjoy for years to come.  Hotels figured this out long ago by creating beautiful bathrooms that keep their customers coming back.  

Next time you stay in a hotel, take a deeper look at the configuration of the bathroom.  You might just find a few traits you will want to bring back to your bathroom at home. Needless to say, all of us here at Thompson Price will be happy to help you do so.