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Kitchen Cabinet Options and Pricing In St. Louis

When you first begin looking at cabinetry you might experience sticker shock. Part of the sticker price can be attributed to all of the accessories and options available. Here, we break down many of our most popular cabinet accessories and their associated costs to help you better determine which accessories and options are “must-haves” and which ones are “can live withouts”. Here is a list and description of our most popular cabinet accessories

Trash Pullout.jpg

Trash Pullout

The trash pullout is available in numerous options and types, it is one accessory no kitchen should be without.  Basic trash pullout models are mounted to the floor of the cabinet and are made of inexpensive wire or plastic. The more premium units are constructed of solid wood and mounted directly to the cabinet door to create one fluid motion when opened. Some of these premium units feature assisted open and closing. Single wastebasket units are available; however, we recommend double units for families that recycle. You can even ditch the drawer that usually sits above the unit, and opt for a full-height door if you have a large family and need a larger wastebasket. In our opinion, if you have a large family, you will definitely benefit from the larger wastebasket size. Our trash pullout units start around 90 dollars for a basic unit and go all the way up to 700 dollars for a luxury unit with assisted electronic opening.

Sink Tilt Out Tray

These units are available in plastic, metal and stainless steel and are a great use of wasted space in front of the sink where a fixed drawer face is usually located. While we like to keep scouring pads, sponges and Bar Keepers Friend in our sink tilt-outs, you can store anything you would like close to the sink in your sink tilt out tray. Depending on which style and size you choose, these units range from 30-75 dollars.

Paneled Ends

Paneled ends are a fantastic upgrade from your basic cabinet finish and can really bring a high-end custom look to your kitchen. Some more basic cabinet lines don’t offer paneled ends. The higher end cabinet lines offer more of everything from different styles to integrated options and working doors instead of fixed panels. The price for these units does range depending on application type, door style, cabinet type and the finish of the overall unit. On average, the Thompson Price brand line ranges from a few hundred dollars to several hundred dollars. If you are on a budget, you can choose to panel only the ends that will be visible instead of paneling every finished end or even just opt for our standard furniture flush ends.

Soft-Close Drawers

These are quickly becoming the industry standard. The soft-close drawer glides are a wonderful addition to any cabinet drawer. The quality of these units are not equal from brand to brand and we strongly encourage you to test all of your glide options before making a purchase. More specifically, test the fluidity and motion of the glide along with the closing function. A less expensive unit may not extend as much as our more expensive glides. Keep in mind, the closing action of a less expensive unit may not be as refined as a glide in a higher priced model. All Thompson Price cabinetry features full extension, soft-close drawers at no additional charge.

Soft Close Doors

Cabinet doors have finally made their way to the soft-close party! Instead of slamming cabinet doors closed, soft-close door hinges gently pull themselves closed when the door reaches a certain point. Some product lines charge up to 16 dollars per door for this soft-closing function but all of the cabinetry sold at Thompson Price, features soft-close doors for no additional charge.

Light Rails

One of our pet peeves is when you can see the actual light source of your under-cabinet light fixtures. The best way to avoid this issue is to integrate a light rail or a separate trim piece to the bottom of the cabinet. In our custom line, we like to do one of two things: 1) extend the actual face of the cabinet down further to hide the light fixtures; or, 2) flush finish the bottom of the cabinet and recess our fixtures into the bottom of the cabinet for a completely seamless look. For example, in frameless or European style cabinets, the bottom of the cabinet is not partially hidden by a face-frame. To resolve this, Thompson Price will extend the light rail of our house brand cabinetry for about 50 cents per inch. Light rails are not a big deal, but they are one more touch that can make a difference between an amazing kitchen and just another basic kitchen.

Finished Bottoms

While some cabinet-makers do not even offer this option, Thompson Price does. We offer options to finish the bottoms of our cabinetry in certain instances where some cabinets will have finished bottoms by default and other cabinets near that same cabinet will have an unfinished bottom. It is something you probably would never notice until someone points it out. When we install cabinets, we prefer to have the most finished looking installation and finished bottoms to help achieve that finished look. Thompson Price can finish the bottoms of our house brand cabinets for less than a dollar per inch. For the other brands we carry, finished panels can be ordered and applied to the bottoms of the cabinets in the field for a relatively small fee.

Slide Out Towel Bar

Where do you leave your kitchen towels to dry when you are done using them?

Most people throw them over an appliance handle while others leave the wet towel on the counter top. If you would like a place to hang the towel to dry out of sight, our slide out towel bar is a great option to consider. Thompson Price can install a high quality metal telescoping towel bar beneath your sink base or in any base cabinet that will allow your towels to hang dry without being visible. This awesome product is usually available for less than 100 dollars installed.

Lazy Susans

While there have been several cool corner cabinet features that have come out in the last several years, there is still nothing better for efficient storage for a corner cabinet than a lazy susan. We find there is a love/hate relationship with these products and it tends to depend on which units the customer has had experience with in the past. We are not talking about the cheap pole mounted double spinning tray. Or the unit where the entire door rotates within the cabinet allowing for the possibility of someone’s fingers to get pinched in the process. No, we recommend a Super Susan, which consists of two independent rotating trays affixed to the floor of the cabinet and a fixed shelf halfway up in the base cabinet. This type of design gives the user maximum storage and usability without any of the headaches. While a typical lazy susan can be around 500 dollars, the Super Susan is usually in the 800 dollar range.

Pigeon Holes

When we mention a pigeon hole, our customers usually respond with a “deer in the headlights” look. However, a pigeon hole is really just a fixed and finished opening that makes a great place for storing mail, school work, bills, etc. Pigeon holes can be used in your kitchen, a desk area or even an office. The pigeon hole line Thompson Price carries give our customers the option to have the pigeon holes exposed or you can choose to hide them behind a door to help conceal the contents, just in case you are not the tidiest person on the planet or want your personal items to be kept out of sight.

Decorative Corners, Legs & Posts

One way to create an incredible touch of style or a unique look to your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry is to add decorative corners or legs. Thompson Price carries hundreds of styles available for turned posts, decorative corners, legs and feet. Some are created by our vendor partners and others are made exclusively by third party vendors. Either way, the leg is created and formed and then finished and applied to the cabinet. These items add a really nice look, but the product themselves are quite pricy; as is the actual installation due to the labor required to actually apply them depending on application.

Roll Out Shelves

Roll out shelves make accessing items at the back of the cabinet easier. In our basic product lines, the roll outs are factory installed at predefined locations. In our higher end product lines, the roll outs are completely adjustable allowing maximum storage flexibility for those who need it most. Thompson Price cabinetry also features deep, full-extension, soft-closing roll outs at no additional charge. This feature is a must have in any tall or deep pantry cabinet, or really in any application where getting to the back of the cabinet may be a challenge. Our roll outs typically add between one to three hundred dollars per roll-out depending on the product line chosen.

Tray Dividers

There is no better way to store your cookie sheets, cooling racks, muffin pans and miscellaneous flat items in the kitchen than a tray divider. The product line we carry features removable tray dividers, which allows you to store these items in relatively small amounts of space by storing them upright. This is a great option for separating your cookie sheets and muffin tins in an organized fashion. These tray dividers can be made of wood or metal and can be designed into a base or wall cabinet in any arrangement you desire: above the refrigerator, above the oven cabinet, below an adjustable shelf on a full-height door cabinet, or really anywhere else you desire. Thompson Price has two main types: 1) Inexpensive and simple chrome wire tray dividers which get installed in the field and start at around 20 dollars each; or, 2) Custom solid maple removable dividers which run the entire height of the opening and are priced closer to a 50 dollars price point. No matter which one you choose, tray dividers are great items to add to your kitchen project.

Deep Wall Cabinets and Refrigerator End Panels

Deep wall cabinets are great, especially for above your refrigerator unit. We still see many people installing a standard 12” deep cabinet over the refrigerator, which is actually pointless because it is near impossible to reach. Secondly, most people put items on top of the fridge in front of the shallow cabinet causing them to have to move these items in order to get to the contents inside the cabinet. This is less than efficient. A deep wall cabinet allows maximum storage capacity above the refrigerator and when combined with the refrigerator end panels, makes a much more finished look. In fact, it makes a less expensive freestanding refrigerator have a more expensive built-in look. Deep wall cabinets add a relatively small additional cost and the refrigerator end panels can add between 500 and 2500 dollars depending on the line, size and style.

Appliance Garage

An appliance garage is available in a straight run or under a corner diagonal wall cabinet and makes for great storage directly on the counter so items are close at hand, yet out of sight. We have several different door types available. Tambour doors roll up and retract back into the unit so the door doesn’t project forward requiring clearance. Standard doors are also available as well as flip up doors in multiple flip up types. These units vary in price depending on the brand and size.

Cutlery Dividers

The ultimate in utensil storage for drawers, are our cutlery dividers. These are great additions to any kitchen or bathroom. While we have the cheap plastic and vinyl products available, our main cutlery dividers are made of wood and sized to fit the drawer they will be going into. In fact, in our Thompson Price Cabinetry line, we can build a cutlery divider to your specification based on your storage needs for your kitchen or even a divider for your bathroom. These dividers work great for holding everything from utensils to brushes, combs, make-up and other bathroom related items.

Spice Storage

Most kitchens need a place to store spices that are used on a daily basis and we feel the best way to do this is to create a dedicated storage area for spices. Spice doors are racks that mount on the inside of your cabinet door in either a wall or a base. Some of them are adjustable so you can keep the heights based on the size of your spice canisters. There are also spice drawers, which make convenient display and allow you to access all of your spices in one convenient motion, all you have to do is open a drawer.  Pullouts are available as well and can be used for either spice storage or really any canned good or pantry type item. The simpler types of these spice storage items are usually less than 100 dollars while our custom or pullout units can go higher into the hundreds or more, depending on size and style.

Pop Up Mixer Cabinet

This unit is a great way to have your large KitchenAid mixer available at your fingertips. We install a premium swing up shelf and support in a base cabinet, which your mixer rests on. When you are ready to use it, simply pull on the unit and it will raise itself up and into a usable position. The only draw back is the space you need to dedicate in a base cabinet for the mixer but for heavy mixer users, the trade-off is well worth it. Our mixer units are usually between 400-600 dollars.

Wood Fronts

Wood fronts or paneled fronts are perfect for those who want their appliances to blend in with their cabinetry. We can size and apply matching finished cabinet panels for integrated refrigerators, dishwashers and other under-counter appliances specifically the built-in variety. With wood fronts, you don’t have to worry about your appliance finish or handles going out of style. Panels can range from 100-300 dollars for under-counter refrigerators or dishwashers depending on mounting application and door style. You should expect a higher price for refrigerator panels and similar products.

Crown Molding & Trims


Crown molding and trim can add that finishing touch to your kitchen or bathroom project. It can be as simple as a small trim to finish off the cabinetry against the ceiling or as elaborate as multiple stacked trims to create a sophisticated crown molding stack. It all depends on your style preference and what you are trying to achieve. It also depends on the size of your wallet. When we see people bring in cabinetry quotes from other companies to compare, it is quite common for those companies to purposely leave off crown molding in order to keep the cost low. Thompson Price includes standard crown molding on all of our quotes and projects.

While we have listed many choices here, the list above is just some of our more common cabinet options. As you can see, there are plenty of choices to make, but it is really up to you and what you would find most useful in your kitchen. Contact Thompson Price today to get started with your remodeling project!