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Best Cabinetry in St. Louis?

This is a question that we often get from consumers who are looking to purchase of new kitchen or bath cabinetry. It truly is a question that we do not have an answer to. We will try to explain the differences of cabinets as best we can.

The reality is there are more than 1000 different cabinet lines available in the St. Louis area. One reason for this is that we are centrally located so it is easy and convenient for most cabinet manufacturers to deliver to this area from most anywhere in the United States. 

A few years ago a national company decided to gather information on many different cabinet manufacturers. Their goal was to establish cabinets in categories from low-end builder grade cabinets, mid range price a quality cabinets, Semi-custom cabinets to the very high end custom cabinets. 

As I looked through the listing of well over 400 different lines of cabinets shown, I only was aware of about half of them. The other half I had never heard of… now having been in this industry for more than 40 years one would think that I was versed enough to know the difference in their determination and categorizing of the lines they listed. What I found was that of the almost half of the products most of them were in the wrong category. 

My question is if someone like me who is in the remodeling profession has to spend all this time and couldn’t get an accurate snapshot, then how can a consumer? 

If you are researching online and getting different responses, going to a few showrooms and talking to various sales people, how do you know you’re getting the right information to make the best decision? 

Perhaps, as a consumer, you would be better off looking for a coach or someone you can trust to assist you with the selection of the cabinetry for your project. Maybe it’s better to forge a relationship with a worthy professional than to focus solely on the dollar cost of your cabinets and before you get into “information overload.”

Back to the question about the best cabinets available in the St. Louis area — we want tol share some names of cabinets that may vary in price a quality, but are certainly worth consideration.

No particular order here they are:

Wood Mode Brookhaven, Shiloh, Holiday, Kitchen Kraft, Merillat, Bertch, Omega, Diamond, Kraftmade, Dura Supreme, Moser, Schmidt, Kemper, Ultracraft, Dynasty, Waypoint, Bentwood, Crystal, Dacor, Mid Cotinent, Poggenpohl, Willam OHS, Signature Custom Cabinetry, Decora, Fieldstone, Haas, Medallion, Woodland, Homecrest.

While this is certainly not a complete list of cabinets in the St. Louis area it shows you the variety of cabinets that you can find. You should look for a coach who has both experience and knowledge in cabinetry to assist you with the best decision based on both your budget and your design.  

Here is my definition of cabinets. 

  • Low End Builder Grade: Not much choice in door styles, wood specie or color. Quick delivery and sometimes in stock cabinets that you can order today and take home tomorrow. 
  • Mid Range/ Stock: A few more choices of color, design and wood specie. Some in stock cabinets or delivery in 2 to 4 weeks from the time the order is placed. Additional selection of sizes of cabinets to reach a preferred design. Mid price range, not expensive but not as inexpensive as some Low end products.
  • Semi Custom: These cabinets allow for more customization of design, more door styles, colors and wood specie selection. Generally a bit more expensive than mid range cabinets but often a better value. The above lines are generally built in 3” increments, 9” 12” 15” widths etc. Fillers are needed to take up the remaining space between the wall and the cabinet. 
  • Custom: This is a word that today does not generally mean expensive. It really means that the cabinets have not been built. There are a variety of custom cabinets that allow for many color choices and door styles. With custom cabinets you can have the cabinets made to the exact size you want to fit the space. Some manufactures will build the cabinets to the ⅛” and some to the ½”. Using extended stiles allows for the cabinet to be trimmed on the job site instead of using fillers to fill the space left over. While custom cabinets may be build along the lines of Mid Range/Stock cabinets the price may be higher because of features that are offered that make them appear more expensive than they really are. As an example, accessories, finish options, etc.

While you begin the search for the perfect cabinet remember that finding the coach or professional who can answer your questions and provide the most information.

See you in the showroom, 

TJ Price