"Your love for your new kitchen or bathroom is directly related to the design." 

— Thompson C. Price, CMKBD, CR

"We love our re-designed Thompson Price kitchen."

There simply is no other item that determines how functional your new living space will be.

You can take a poorly laid out kitchen design and install the most expensive cabinetry and appliances available but at the end of the day, that space is going to perform terribly for the person working in it.  

However, you can take a perfectly laid out kitchen design and install lower quality products and still have a very functional kitchen.  

3 Things to Know About Design:

1.  A perfect design for one household is not the perfect design for another household

Everyone is different. Our lifestyles are different. Our hobbies are different. Our cultures and family cycles are different. It's imperative that this be kept in mind when creating any kitchen or bathroom design. An experienced and knowledgeable designer understands that you can't design for the space.  You must design for the person or people living in that space.  

2.  Design is an intangible item

If you've ever purchased an automobile, chances are you test drove that automobile before buying it.  Even if you didn't purchase the exact car you drove, you can assume that the one you ordered will drive, handle and perform like the one you test drove.  

Automobiles are tangible items.  Kitchen and bathroom designs are intangible items.  You can't touch them, smell them or test drive them.  

You won't know if you made the right choices regarding your project until several weeks after your project is installed and complete and you're actually using the space. That is, unless you have an experienced designer that can coach you through the design phase, make recommendations and avoid common pitfalls.  

3.  Design drives everything

From the overall look and feel to the final price, the design drives everything.  An apples to apples comparison is only possible with a properly specified and detailed design.    


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