Anybody can remodel.  
Nobody does it like Thompson Price.

What makes us stand out from other kitchen and bath remodeling companies?  Because of what we focus on. The keys to our always success include: 


The single-most important item in any remodeling project is the design.  It dictates how functional, how pretty and how expensive or inexpensive your project is going to be.  Our design process utilizes a team approach for every project providing two to four sets of eyes working on your project at any given time.  More eyes equals better ideas and recommendations to fit the needs of our clients.


We take on a more active role in educating our clients as to the best design and products for your kitchen or bath based on the answers you give us to the all-important questions and items we discuss you.  No one can assist you with a personal design for your project unless they are asking the necessary questions regarding your family, home and lifestyle.  


The product mix Thompson Price offers are proven products from proven providers that we have dealt with for many years.  We have close relationships with all of the companies we represent.  We know who to call in the event of any issues.  


Because of our volume of business with the companies we work with along with our membership in kitchen and bathroom industry buying groups, we are able to purchase products at substantially lower prices which are passed on to our clients.  


Our installation team is simply the best.  We have our own in-house carpenters and utilize long-term relationships with licensed electrical and plumbing contractors.  Our guys aren't installing roofs one week and pouring concrete the next.  We specialize in what we do best...residential kitchen and bathroom remodeling.  

What else makes us different? Our one-of-a-kind 4Process and Our People.  

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