frequently asked questions 


We've been thinking of remodeling for years but we're not sure where to start

You're like most individuals we talk to.  Remodeling is a very serious undertaking and it's not something to rush into.  We're not here to sugar coat anything or make a quick sale.  Our job is to guide you through our entire process to make sure you know exactly what you're getting and to make sure you don't make any mistakes.  If you'd like to see how easy Thompson Price can make the process for you, request a complimentary kitchen or bath consultation with our design team here.  


We hear BMWs are expensive.  However, there are many consumers who will justify and agree that the price tag of a premium automobile like a BMW is well worth the additional cost over a non-premium brand.  Similarly, Thompson Price is only expensive depending on what you're comparing us to.  If you're looking for limited options, China-built cabinetry or low-end builder grade materials, we'll probably be expensive by comparison.  If you're looking for design flexibility, high-quality products, talented craftsmen and living spaces that will provide years of enjoyment for you and your family, you'll find our prices are extremely competitive.   

do you have your own installers?

We do, but let's dig a little deeper into this question.  What people are really asking when they ask this question is, "Do you take full responsibility for the quality of work and what takes place in my home during this project?"  The answer is "absolutely!"  Our installers work for Thompson Price and are expected to not only provide the highest level of craftsmanship but to also treat your home as if it was their own.  At Thompson Price, we all know that our 'construction sites' are your living spaces and keeping them safe and clean is our top priority.  

Who is thompson and who is price?  

Actually, Thompson Price is one individual who has dedicated his career to teaching people how to buy kitchens and baths.  Thompson Price is a Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer, a Certified Remodeler, a past president of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, an inductee of the National Kitchen and Bath Association Hall of Fame and a kitchen and bath industry leader.  Unlike other kitchen and bath companies in Saint Louis who started out as refrigeration supply companies, plumbing wholesalers or cabinet builders, Thompson Price has always focused 100% on residential kitchen and bath remodeling and helping home-owners like yourselves get the most value for their dollar with regards to their remodeling projects.  To this day, Thompson Price is completely involved in the operations of the company and meets with every single customer we serve.  We think that says a lot about who we are.  

No.  Actually, let us clarify.  Thompson Price was the Thompson of Callier and Thompson Kitchens, Baths and Appliances.  However, he left that company back in 2007.  In fact, most people don't realize that there are no Calliers or Thompsons affiliated with Callier and Thompson any more because the company was sold to a group of employees a few years back.  You can find a full history and story-line of Thompson Price Kitchens, Baths & Home and our relationship to Callier and Thompson here.    


I'm Pretty handy.  Can i buy material from you and do the work myself?

Umm...yes!  We love DIY and we're happy to help with any project you may have.  It's very common for Thompson Price to help our DIY customers with the design and material procurement.  We can even take care of certain parts of a project like plumbing and electric if you're not daring enough to try those on your own.  Click here to get help with your upcoming DIY project.  

i already have a design but i'd like to get a quote from you.  What's the best way to do so?  

You've come to the right spot.  Go here and fill out our quote request form and a member of our design team will get back to you as quickly as possible.  FYI, the quote process is far easier if you supply as much information as possible.  Floor plans, elevations, electrical plans, specs, pictures of the existing space, etc...all of these things will ensure a more accurate quotation.  

How much does a kitchen/bath remodel cost?

How much does a car cost?  You'll get the same answer:  "It depends".  There are far too many variables involved in any remodeling project to throw out a blanket price but our design team will be happy to work through those variables with you to provide a "PerfectPrice" as part of our 4P Process.  It's better than a quote because it's not subject to change.  Click here to find out more about our process.    

how long will my remodeling project take?  

This is another question that is heavily dependent on several variables.  After all the variables are figured out, Thompson Price can provide you with a project forecast to give you an idea of what is taking place when with regards to your project.  

we've had 4 people out to give us a quote and we're more confused than when we started. what should we do?  

Well, you're not alone.  If we had a dollar for every time our customer's said this, we'd be very wealthy.  Quotes are a difficult thing with regards to kitchen and bath remodeling and most consumers will never have enough information from which to make an informed buying decision.  Here's what we recommend:  Call us or click here to schedule an appointment with our design team.  Bring in everything you have and we'll take about an hour of your time to help you make sense of everything and guide you down the correct path to remodeling your space.  Again, our job is to make remodeling your kitchen or bathroom a simple and enjoyable experience.  Not ready for that yet?  You can find plenty of kitchen and bath remodeling videos, articles and helpful information here.  We'll be ready when you are.  


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